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Wiki Education Foundation-supported course assignment[edit]

This article was the subject of a Wiki Education Foundation-supported course assignment, between 7 January 2019 and 26 April 2019. Further details are available on the course page. Peer reviewers: Jazlynn1.

Above undated message substituted from Template:Dashboard.wikiedu.org assignment by PrimeBOT (talk) 07:14, 17 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]

Probation Violations[edit]

I'm hoping to cover Probation Violations in an entirely seperate article, like explaining the difference between Direct and Technical Violations, etc. - RegBarc 19:20, 4 May 2007 (U

if you are on deferred probation for 2 counts of aggrivated assualt with a deadly weapon and you have violated it is there any thing you can ask for besides prison time*latina*

As a matter of due process the burden is on the state to prove a violation by the greater weight of the evidence. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:24, 1 May 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Possible future topics[edit]

  • nonjudicial probation
  • informal adjustment;ln;n

Parole vs. probation[edit]

Although I think that the respective articles on parole and probation do make the differences between them clear if you read both articles, I suggest that a short section be added to each article that clearly explains the distinction between them, and provide a cross reference to the other article. Thomas.Hedden (talk) 17:10, 8 February 2009 (UTC)[reply]

Possible revocation[edit]

I am on misdemeanor probation in Louisiana for a 1st DUI, I'm in danger of being violated for an unpaid fine and unfinished course. If I finish paying off my fine and complete the course will I still be violated? --Jtarp93 (talk) 23:44, 17 July 2014 (UTC)<jtarp93>[reply]

The entire "Theory" section seems to have been plagiarized word-for-word from the book "The American System of Criminal Justice"[edit]

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